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It would be a great option for you to get a Poznan Lawica Airport car rental service to roam around Poland at an affordable price. Our rental services help you to add more pleasure and comfort to all your traveling needs. You also have the option to book a car before you reach Poznan via online or phone. With us, you get easy access to several affordable Poznan Lawica Airport car rental deals, which have been customized to meet various needs of all the travelers.

Guide to Poznan Lawica Airport

Poznan Lawica Airport is situated on the west of the Poznan city and is among the oldest airports of Poland. The airport is used for both civil and military purposes. Poznan Lawica Airport handles around 2 million passengers every year. Many international, domestic and cargo airlines connect this airport with other parts of the world. The airport works as a gateway to travel around the world as well as in Poland. If you are in Poland for a trip, you can reach your destination comfortably and can visit the tourist attractions located near the airport by using Poznan Lawica Airport car hire.

Poznan is the 5th largest and one of the oldest cities of Poland. The Warta River has flowed through the south to the north direction of Cathedral Island of the city. In Polish, the city is described as” one who is known” Poznań is mainly famous for its education, industries and trades. An international trade fair is organized here regularly. Poznan city is enriched with nature’s gift. You can explore the sights of the nature like the Kiekrz Lake or the Morasko meteorite nature reserve. If you are in Poznan to see the heritages, Royal-Imperial route can take you to a tourist walk in the heritage parts of Poznan. You can make use of Poznan Lawica Airport car rental service and go through all the tourist attractions.

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Nearby Locations to Poznan Lawica Airport

Parish Church of St. Stanislaus

Located by Old Town Square, the church is grand both outside and inside. Right from the polychrome of ceiling to the organ, the artwork in the interiors to lavish decorations; this one’s beyond omagination.

Parish Church of St. Stanislaus Parish Church of St. Stanislaus
Old Market Square

The quaint surroundings of Old Market Square feature an overpowering charm. Meet people at most favorite spot Pranger or have a glimpse of bourgeois palaces, roam around military museum or dig deeper into the classic Town Hall.

Old Market Square Old Market Square
Malta Lake

For a not so crowded relaxing outing, the picturesque Malta Lake perfectly fits in. Surrounded by parks and woodland, the lake features a ski-slope, zoo, ice-rink, regatta house and dozens of attractions to keep you engaged.

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Poznan Zoo

For some real-time adventure, Poznan Zoo, near Malta Lake can be visited. There is this lovely park, different species of animals, forests and fun unlimited with plenty to see in the animal World.

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