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Lublin- A Coming of Age Tourist Hot Spot!

The Lublin city ranks ninth among the other top ten largest cities in the country. Being located in the Lublin Voivodeship it is the only big city in this Province. The city lies to the eastern side of the River Vistula. It is one of the many candidates for the title of the “European Capital of Culture”. The city is divided into two parts with the ancient part of the city known as the “old Town”. The city is a flourishing region in terms of culture and beauty. The old town consists of the century old historical buildings which depicts the gothic style in its architecture. Make use of Lublin car hire and visit this part of the city.

The city is not just the largest in eastern Poland but also the most significant cultural city. The city has changed very little over the century. Even today the old town market square brings alive the century old past. The Royal Castle in the city portrays the ancient culture and houses the Lublin Museum. This museum is of the must see places in the city as it also includes the 14th century churches. The city is packed with theatres and museums and art galleries that enrich the place and draws tourist from all over the world. The city also organizes variety of festivals and events that are unique to this city. The Zemborzycki zalew is the largest lake in the city where fishing, surfing and other water related sports take place. Tourists can rent a car in Lublin with us and take a closer look at the city.

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Popular Locations in Lublin

Majdanek National Museum

The very well preserved museum contains ashy remains of people who died here. A barrack here contains a small museum describing camp life. Little cards are given as souvenirs to take back home.

Majdanek National Museum Majdanek National Museum
Lublin Castle

Home to Chapel of the Holy Trinity and Lublin Museum, the royal castle depicts history. You need to buy a separate ticket to get entry into each of these buildings. It is considered a masterwork of the Middle Ages.

Lublin Castle Lublin Castle
Piwnica pod Fortuna

The other attractions of Lublin when combined with this old winery complete the picture of Polish history. The place is old-school yet very modern. To chill out in the company of locals, do spare sometime to be here.

Piwnica pod Fortuna Piwnica pod Fortuna
Chapel of the Holy Trinity

The most prized of various Polish assets, Chapel of the Holy Trinity dates back to 14th century. The color-rich medieval wall paintings are so clean and astoundingly beautiful.

Chapel of the Holy Trinity Chapel of the Holy Trinity