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Katowice car rental service offered by us will take the charge of organizing an enjoyable vacation to Katowice. For a good car facility you can definitely rely upon the services and packages offered by us. When you go for Katowice car rental, you can expect unmatched car hire deals. With our affordable rates, you’ll surely save on your expenses too. Above all, you get the liberty to choose both the car model and the locations for pick up and drop. Hire a car in Katowice from us to have all your necessities properly met while touring this city. Katowice car rental is also a good idea for business travellers.

The Historical City of Katowice- A Sneak Peek!

Katowice is located in Silesia of Southern Poland. The city is seated in the Silesian Highlands and is in close proximity to the Carpathian Mountains and Sudetes Mountains. Katowice is the main hub of culture, industry, science, transportation, tourism and business in southern Poland. There are as many as 40 towns and cities neighbouring the urban area of Katowice. A comfortable climate and a strong economy make the city a hot pick for travel and tourism. No matter what your purpose of visit to Katowice is, you’ll definitely like to hold on for the city’s attractions. To save on your money and energy, it would be great if you can make use of Katowice car hire offered us before setting off for a tour.

To learn about the architectural landmarks of Katowice, you need visiting Mark Square and the adjacent streets. You will get to see a lot of historic monuments over here. The Cathedral of Katowice, Church of Resurrection, Drapacz Chmur, Church of St. Michael Archangel, Silesian Insurgents Museum, Old Train Station, Goldstein Palace are just a few of the Katowice historical constructions. For some quality entertainment you can book your time at few of the innumerable cinema halls, theatres, music concerts, festivals and events. There are plenty of museums and art galleries highlighting the city’s artistic and cultural diversity. For capturing some natural splendour, do rent a car in Katowice with us and drive to Valley Three Ponds, Forest Park, Nature reserve Ochojec, Źródła Kłodnicy, Nature reserve Las Murckowski, Stawy Na Tysiącleciu and other ecological parks and areas.

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Popular Locations in Katowice

Valley of Three Ponds

Biking, beach volleyball, cycling and tennis are the many activities you could indulge in here- a complete entertainer. There cannot be a place better than this in the neighborhood for a day well spent.

Valley of Three Ponds Valley of Three Ponds

Poland is one of the perfect tourist destinations where you can explore the stories of many kings and castles. Powered by VIP cars, we provide you with the best car rental packages in Poland for key polish.

Nikiszowiec Nikiszowiec
Kominiarz Hookah Lounge

You are bound to fall in love with the best tea in Poland, which is served nowhere but this lounge. Shisha is good too! For a super local delight, don’t miss being here.

Kominiarz Hookah Lounge Kominiarz Hookah Lounge
Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park

Located around 3 Km northwest of city center, the place reflects architecture at its best. There are scores of wooden buildings, stadium, planetarium, zoo and best of amusement grounds for an excellent outing.

Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park