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Best of Car Rental Deals for Bydgoszcz

Bydgoszcz is a Polish City located in the northern part of the country. It lies on the banks of Brda and Vistula Rivers. It ranks eighth in Poland in terms of capital. Originally, it was a fishing settlement. Gradually, the trade route along the river Vistula rose to great importance. This place has many historical buildings which can be visited with a low priced Bydgoszcz car rental deal. We give you best discounts for a convenient car hire experience in Bydgoszcz. Renting a car in Bydgoszcz with us means you get to enjoy comfort of commuting on your own along with additional benefits like collision and damage waiver, roadside assistance, liability insurance, unlimited mileage and more.

A Poor Man’s Venice ‘Bydgoszcz’ Visited!

Bydgoszcz is said to be poor man’s Venice. The picturesque landscape, serene atmosphere, and typically European architecture are any day a treat to your eyes. There are buildings testifying the history of last few centuries. You can rent a car in Bydgoszcz and capture its beautiful surroundings and historical landmarks.

The gothic styled Bydgoszcz Cathedral is the oldest of all churches in the town built in 1466. It is located in the old town. Four more chapels were added in later centuries of which one named St Sebastian and Florian Chapel stands till today. With car rental in Bydgoszcz, you can take your family to its various places of interests.

Market Square is another tourist spot that you must not miss in Bydgoszcz. The monument at the Square is an artistic marvel. There is a wall in town made of brick and stone. When the first section of the wall was built in 15th century, there were three towers. Till the middle of seventeenth century, the towers had remained but in the Northern War that held in 18th century, the towers were destroyed. Bydgoszcz car rental is also advisable to business travelers seeking local sightseeing.

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Popular Locations in Bydgoszcz

St. Martin & Nicholas Cathedral

Exemplary of magnificent Vistulan Gothic style, St Martin & Nicholas Cathedral is breathtaking. The combination of Gothic architecture, elaborate altars and extreme colors so beautiful put together, is worthy of a sight to be believed.

St. Martin & Nicholas Cathedral St. Martin & Nicholas Cathedral
Forest Park of Culture

For a peaceful walk through woodlands to an insight into wildlife at zoo, the park has many facades. To spice up the trip, there is a horse riding center, a small ski-slope, botanical gardens and even a restaurant.

Forest Park of Culture Forest Park of Culture

Something or the other is always going on here. Right from sun bathing to enjoying concerts, go walking, biking or do whatever you want at this park. The exotic place is worth spending an evening.

Myslecinek Myslecinek
Bydgoszcz Basilica

One of the most stunning basilicas around the World, Bydboszcz basilica is ornate, serene and manages to look astounding inside-out. Don’t forget to take along your camera for experiencing

Bydgoszcz Basilica Bydgoszcz Basilica