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Bialystok is the largest north eastern Polish city and a car rental is one of the easiest ways to drive around this city. Bialystok is very close to the national capital Belarus and is also the capital of the Podlaskie region. This place has a long historical background, thus a lot to offer in terms of rich architecture. Travelers in Bialystok can get familiar with its local sights and attractions with a car hire service. Our economical and high quality Bialystok car rental deals serve all kinds of travelers, from businessmen to families on vacation. Associated with a wide network of suppliers, we also let you experience a comfortable car rental experience in Bialystok with a wide fleet of cars from both luxury and economical segments.

The Many Must-Visits of Bialystok!

We get the first reference of Bialystok way back in 1437 when Raczo Tabutowicz received the land surrounding the area of Biala River, from the Grand Duke of Lithuania Casimir IV Jagiellon. There are quite a few tourist destinations in Bialystok, to be explored with a car on rent. The Orthodox Church of St Nicholas can be your first stop. This is an old piece of Russian architecture. This cathedral was built in 1843 and is located in Liniarskiego Street. A Bialystok car rental deal offers quick access to these various beautiful landmarks.

Bialystok Town Hall, though has lost is usual charm, is still capable of attracting tourists from different parts of the country. It was built in 1745 but was severely damaged in Second World War. Today, it serves many purposes like prison, marketplace, courtroom and even of a museum.

Palace of Branicki is said to be the most established landmark of the city. This is a Baroque Palace that used to be the family home to the Branicki built in 1726. About 70% of the palace was damaged in the World War II. Today it is the University of Medicines.

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Popular Locations in Bialystok

Branicki Palace

Wandering in corridors of one of the most baroque mansions of Europe, i.e. Branicki Palace is an experience in itself to get closer to cultural life of Bialystok. The lovely gardens are truly a reflection of Polish magnificence!

Branicki Palace Branicki Palace
Podlachia Museum

Featuring a good selection of Polish paintings from the likes of Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz and Jacek Malczewski, the provincial Podlachia Museum is a classic stopover. Every minute spent here is worth it!

podlachia-museum Podlachia Museum
Kosciuszko Market Square

Go shop till you drop at Kosciuszko Market Square. Featuring a typical 18th century-styled frontage built using colorful tenement-houses, the place includes shops, pubs and houses ornamented with sgraffito.

kosciuszko-market-square Kosciuszko Market Square
Holy Spirit Greek Orthodox Church

The largest Orthodox Church in Poland, Holy Spirit Greek Orthodox Church around 3 km to the northeast is one of the most interesting modern-day creations. Spectacular interiors and a grand chandelier are prime highlights.

holy-spirit-greek-orthodox-church Holy Spirit Greek Orthodox Church